Pokemon Go Plus Giveaway! (CLOSED)

This giveaway is closed!

Do you love Pokemon Go?! CodeWizardHQ is giving away 5, yet-to-be-launched Pokemon Go Plus for FREE!


Enter Pokemon GO Plus Giveaway!

Pokemon Go is the most recent example of how software is at the core of many experience we have come to enjoy, I can’t wait what the future will bring us but CodeWizardHQ is giving Pokemon Go Plus away to encourage more kids to learn the coding skills to “create” these amazing experiences in the future, not just to consume it!


Propeller Ads

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Platform Name: Propeller Ads
Traffic Types”: PPV, Media, Mobile, Display, Other
Minimum Deposit: $100,00
Facebook: Propeller Ads
Twitter: @propellerads

Propeller Ads is an global ad network making digital advertising effective and reliable.
With global reach across web and mobile channels, Propeller Ads gives publishers the ability to monetize their traffic, while providing advertisers access to a large number of ad places on premium sites of various categories.

  • Self-Serve platform for Publishers and Advertisers
  • Global reach across both Mobile and Desktop
  • Multiple ad formats: Popunders (key player with more than 400M impressions per day), Mobile Ads, Banners, Video.
  • Performance based advertising campaigns for CPA networks and agencies (fully managed).